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Genuine Property Buyers (GPB) is a real estate investment group that operates in several real estate markets across the nation. The focus of this group is to provide modern solutions for common issues surrounding today’s residential real estate landscape. Genuine Property Buyers makes competitive offers on your properties, in any market condition, where the traditional sales method fails to deliver. No matter which market you are in, GPB strives to find the sweet spot between a fair price, ethics, and efficiency; therefore, ensuring a smooth, easy closing experience, from start to finish, for GPB and our clients.

Located in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, Genuine Property Buyers was founded in 2019 by Ivo Dombrowski. Within that geographic area, Ivo learned about good and bad real estate practices associated with working in a very competitive market. After years of successful operations within the Atlanta market, and serving numerous clients by providing state of the art real estate solutions, the GPB platform has expanded its geographic footprint. Genuine Property Buyers now fully covers the following states: GA, TX, FL, TN, NC, SC, AZ, CA, CO, MA, RI, NM, OR, and certain pockets of some other states. The expansion of GPB’s network across state lines, has allowed the firm to provide value for several homeowners throughout the United States, especially in underserved markets.

What Genuine Property Buyers Can Do For You

Genuine Property Buyers evaluate you and your situation no matter who you are, where you live, or what type of real estate you own. Our process begins with a heart-to-heart conversation, in order to better understand you and the real estate that you intend to sell. Our network of real estate professionals has vast experience with finding solutions for various types of situations and real estate assets. We have served people going through probate, facing foreclosure, experiencing divorce, filing for bankruptcy, or needing fast cash and convenience. 

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